Possible Rental Scam

2018-01-16 22:17:41

I have noticed in my area there are a ton of people advertising rooms for rent, where someone owns a large 3 or 4 bedroom home and is trying to rent the rooms out.

These are usually advertised at $500-600 per month, which seems very attractive, as I currently rent a single bedroom 'luxury' apartment for $1200/month (Only place I could find after moving to Houston after the hurricane).

I started contacting someone at one of these ads, and we started talking, and met.

He didn't give me the address of the place, at the time that we were to meet to go view it. Instead, he asked me to meet him at a different, public place near by, and then had me follow him back to the house.

This on it's own wasn't very suspicious, but adds to a lot of other behavior that has me re-thinking this situation.

I looked at the house, it was alright, we talked a bit, and I decided to 'apply' for the room. The person had me fill out an 'application' that looked like a generic apartment applicat