Is there any way to reliably get rid of the caches in safely?

2018-01-05 05:27:26

I found a lot (>10 GB) of files inside this folder, containing photos and videos from my system photo library:


Upon Googling this, I found [an Apple Forum article] stating this may be the reason these cached files exist:

[The] process is converting your videos and photos to be available in the Media Browser for other applications - I think. I am seeing it running whenever I import new photos to my Photos Library. And it is even more active on High Sierra, now that my library is containing many items in the new HEVC and HEIC format, imported from my iPhone X.

The same person seems to reaffirm that this occurs in another post on the forums.

I have HEIC/HEVC media in my system photo library, which is likely why these cached media files are here. However, in the interest of saving internal disk space I store the sys