Why didn't Jounouchi just use Kunai with Chain?

2018-01-02 04:37:39

(This is during Duellist Kingdom, where high-level monsters do not require tributes.)

In Episode 033, Yugi has Gaia the Dragon Champion on his field, and Jounouchi has in his hand Red-Eyes Black Dragon, Graverobber, and Kunai with Chain. He thinks it's hopeless, since even if he summons Red-Eyes, Gaia still has greater strength. But he draws Copycat, inspiring a strategy: He summons Red-Eyes, then activates Graverobber from his hand as a Spell Card, stealing Yugi's Summoned Skull. Next he uses Copycat as a Spell Card, which apparently allows him to mimic any card which Yugi has used; he chooses Polymerization, and with it he fuses Summoned Skull and Red-Eyes to summon Black Skull Dragon, a monster that can overpower Gaia.

Meanwhile, I think: Wouldn't it have been simpler to use Kunai with Chain? Red-Eyes has 2400 ATK, and Gaia has 2600. The Trap Card Kunai with Chain can add 500 additional ATK to a monster. If he had summoned Red-Eyes and allowed Yugi to attack with Gai