How do I format a webform to register for events so I can fill it out multiple times without cancelling previous registrations?

2017-11-22 07:11:59

We are using a Webform to allow people to sign multiple people up for multiple events.

If someone has registered themselves for event A & B then later decided they want to go to event C & D as well, how would you set up a webform to allow a second submission that doesn't cancel the first registrations?

Currently if I revisit the form all the events are on offer, there is no indication of which events I am already registered for. If I fill in the form to register for C & D (having previously registered for A & B) and do not select A & B also then when I submit the form it cancels my registration for A & B.

If I am registering multiple people for events. eg person A registers person A and person B to go to lunch. Then person C registers person C and person B to go to dinner. Where lunch and dinner are both events that can be registered for on the same form then currently when person C completes the form person be will have their registration for lunch cancelled.

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