Homeworlds - Monopoly

2017-11-18 20:38:17

Lee wins in 5 turns (click the image for a bigger version)

This puzzle is inspired by the other Homeworlds puzzles introduced by @Destructible Lemon. You should explain how Lee (the player on the left side) can beat Ray (the player on the right side) in 5 turns. Ray will of course try to prevent this if he can.

The Homeworlds rules can be found here.

Pieces pointing from left to right are Lees ships.

Pieces pointing from right to left are Rays ships.

Pieces pointing upwards are stars.

Text version:

System name Stars Lees ships Rays ships

Lee Y1B2 Y3Y2Y1B2

DS1 B2 YY1B1

DS2 Y2 Y2B3B1B1

DS3 R2 R3R1G3G1

DS4 R2 R3R1G2G1

Ray R1G3 R2G2G2

I have uploaded an Inkscape template in case you would like to create similar puzzles yourself. The background for the puzzle is from here.