Homeworldsmate - Inheritance or Insurance fraud

2017-11-17 15:17:12

Homeworldsmate: a chess puzzle (directmate e.g.) but with Homeworlds instead of chess. That's a term I just coined/made up, and since I'm currently the one making these, you're just going to have to accept it.

While I'm inventing names, I'll give Left player* a name. Her name is Lee. Right player shall be known as Ray.

Here is the devious Homeworldsmate puzzle just made (like the little star dots i added this time? I'm an arteest!):

Lee wins in 1

yeah that's right, less moves than last time (nobody say "*fewer moves" or you might have fewer friends >:[ ). However, I believe this one might be a bit more difficult. Also I'm pretty sure there's only one unique solution this time, as opposed to the small variety of paths in my last one.

anyway, let me give you small nudge about this puzzle. You may immediately want to change that yellow over at Ray's Homeworld (and cause a catastrophe), however, in a Homeworlds set, there are only 3 red smalls, and you'll notice all th

  • I am sure this is wrong, but here is an

    Impossibility proof

    Note first of all that "wins in 1" can't mean "makes a move that then forces Ray to play a losing move", because Ray always has the option of doing literally nothing on his turn. So, in order to win as specified, Lee's first turn must itself be winning.

    The only way to win is to make it false that Ray has at least one ship in his home system. So we must make that system not exist, or make it not Ray's home system any more (this is not in fact a thing the rules provide for), or make Ray have no ships there.

    To make it not exist, we would have to remove all its system markers. The only way to do that is via overpopulation. So we would need, in a single turn, to cause overpopulation in two different colours. That would require us to increase the number of red units there by at least 1, and the number of blue units by at least 3. But no single move can increase the number of units in a system by more than 3, so this is impos

    2017-11-17 16:28:58