Compare Two Logits of Two Groups in One Data Set

2017-12-13 17:40:18

I have a question concerning a logit that I performed on a data set. For my thesis I distributed a survey among 400 respondents about their mobile telephone subscription with questions about their service provider. The questionnaire contains items about satisfaction, quality and many more variables.

The data that I collected has two types of consumers. One group is from people that did already churned or are extended their contract at a service provider in the last six months. This is computed as a binary variable.

The other group is about people who did not do anything yet, but are asked questions whether they would like to switch in the near future. I have checked for this construct and it had internal consistency. As far as I am aware, I could compute the probability that they will churn in the future.

For my analysis I would like to see if the respondents within the group of actual behaviour can be compared to the other group of intended behaviour. On the Internet