How should I go about bad/illegal marking?

2017-12-10 09:02:32

Note before reading: Essential Documents = course outline, course information, criteria and assessment task. (basically, all the legal documents within an assessment)

Background: There is a new lecturer for the unit I am in (not humiliating the lecturer, it's just good knowledge to have for this event). I did an assessment (exegesis paper) for this unit about two months ago and I received my mark for it just last week. During completion of the assessment I followed the criteria thoroughly and submitted the assessment about a week before the due date, it was also approved by paid tutors/editors so it was a thorough assessment. After receiving my mark just last week I was astonished to see that my mark was less than 40%, which surprised me greatly and would mean an instant fail for my unit. I went on to read through the lectures reasoning behind my assessment's mark.

Here are the following comments made by the lecturer. Please note that I have searched for hours through