nothing but time to answer

2017-09-15 16:48:30

Why is i am hit microwave radio waves? Am i am a terrorists? Then what are you getting hit with and who hitting you? What is the purpose for microwave radio waves? If, you don't have a brain computer interface than what? Who are you competing with? An imaginary employee? They are for T.V. and Radios in which that has nothing to do with I, maybe you want to consult with FCC? That is not a job to hit someone with something deadly and you be a witnesses to such? I imagine what will you do plead the fifth amendment in the court of law and allow the opponent to win? All this is to help someone else win? You are sabotage yourself? What is your job and how do microwave radio waves aide you in your profession? Maybe you solve some unsolved cold cases with this technology? Maybe it is published in your policies in handling non judicial suspects? Feel free to let me know your take because the past will haunt you and your employees? Maybe it stop the terror attack in London this mor