How could electricity cause worldwide death?

2017-07-17 11:50:20

I am exploring a world in which:

Electricity does not work/is banned

All those older than approx. 35 years are dead.

My current thinking is electricity has somehow wiped out all those older than 35 and this event would need have something to do with telomeres. Perhaps it was an experiment on immortality that went terribly wrong causing electricity to kill those with shorter telomeres across the world? Or a virus?

It does not need to be terribly realistic, just vaguely conceivable. I am not sure how it would play out with lightning either!

I could make my age range younger, so that it kills all those older than 24 –then it could be linked to brain development, given it is only at around 25 that we stop developing.

Do you have any ideas?


An addition: One of the key outcomes of this world is to transport our future back to the Renaissance i.e. causing the collapse of modern society/ governance structures and disruption to travel, communication, factory farmi

  • How about a future World with body modifications, where any adult has some "mods", electronic replacements? If in this World something goes terribly wrong, so anyone who has mods will die and electronics might be banned.

    2017-07-17 12:33:28
  • The only way I can see this work through is if somehow the electromagnetic field generated by the electricity affected the brain or some other organ in a negative way (ie: cancer).

    Some studies are being done to study the relation of electromagnetic fields and cancer.

    Electromagnetic Fields and Cancer

    2017-07-17 12:42:06
  • EM Pulse Source

    The only thing that would reliably prevent electronics working (albeit not electricity per se, which doesn't seem conceivable) is an electromagnetic pulse. If an international conflict involved an arms race over EM weapons and then something went catastrophically wrong (think Dr Strangelove), then you could conceivably have some weapons pile or malfunctioning device which sporadically gave out an EM pulse, re-frying any electronics that anyone attempted to re-create.

    A world without electronics

    Electronics underlies all long-range communications; since the beginning of the 20th century we have made it an increasingly necessary part of our lives. Without it, we would be back to 19th century methods of transport, communication, etc. We would have an awful knowledge of what things could be like, but unreachably.

    Electricity itself would work, but without electronics it is very difficult to control it beyond on and off. It would be flickering-light-bulb technology, no

    2017-07-17 13:09:03