A believable place for your secret lair

2017-07-17 11:49:50

In a modern, "western" country where can I set my secret facility so that authorities won't find me for about 30 years?

The needed amount of area is relatively large, a bit less than 200 m. The facility in itself is not particularly needy, it requires running water/electricity but nothing else, on top of that it does not produce noise or waste etc. so it should be possible for it to maintain quite a low profile.

The real issue is that this HQ with its machinery and all is that it is hard to move. If authorities announce that they want to survey the area I will have a hard time hiding everything even knowing it 10 days in advance, so it would be better for this place to be outside of authorities reach.

So basically I need a place where I can get electricity and running water that local authorities will likely not reach for about 30 years, does such a place exist?

If its a private property can I realistically keep all people out for such a long time? Even for things li

  • Port Talbot Steelworks

    If you take the place over and keep the steelworks running the government will practically pay you to have your HQ there. Nobody will notice any heavy industrial equipment coming and going, nor any weird noises you might make. Your power supply is unlimited, I doubt you'd cause a spike in standard consumption no matter what you do. The facility will also have a selection of no-go areas, mostly because they're somewhere above the melting point of iron, but your 200sqm requirement would probably go completely unnoticed.

    2017-07-17 12:10:27
  • Private ranches. Here are the ten biggest ranches in Texas. Ranging from King Ranch (911,215 acres) to Jones Ranch (255,000 acres). There are also large ranches in Oregon, Wyoming, etc. Every once in a while, these are up for sale, like the 510,000 acre Waggoner Ranch right now.

    Some of these even have their own electrical systems, solar and wind power, with backup power by gasoline generator. For water you can use wells, and most have large ponds on the acreage for watering cattle, or a stream. Most also have their own sewage / septic systems (not connected to the city). Food and groceries can be trucked in. You can always partition out a protected area within your acreage.

    Most such ranches are NOT under the jurisdiction of any city or town; just the State. With enough money for full-time lawyers, private property cannot be searched without a warrant, and a warrant is extremely difficult to get.

    There is also the problem of an abuse of "exigent circumstances" which lets police s

    2017-07-17 12:44:00
  • Just buy an office building right in the center of a large city. Put your secret stuff in the cellar while you put a legitimate business on top. As long as your main business stays clear of any suspicious activity, you will never have any thorough inspections.

    If you want to be even more safe, get a building with two cellar levels. Put your secret stuff in the second cellar and conceal the entrance. Make sure anything one would expect to find in an office building can be found in the first cellar level. Anyone who will come to inspect something won't have the plans of the building. They will just come to the front desk and ask: "Please show us where you have your [electricity meter | water meter | sprinkler system]". If you want to be sure that even the original building plans won't incriminate you, give a bribe to whoever has these plans so they "lose" them or replace them with an "updated" version.

    But no matter how well you hide your base: Remember that your largest risk will al

    2017-07-17 13:09:08
  • The simplest way:

    middle of nowhere

    believable cover

    underground complex, where you can squeeze those "200m"

    So for example a holiday dacha (second home) with nice but fully taken care of garden. And it has an underground garage with a trap door...

    If you are not lone hero/antihero, but a member of a secret organization, then a house owned by some old couple, who sometimes rent rooms, looks even more innocent.

    2017-07-17 13:25:23