Adon Olam: “Yetzir” or “Yetzur”?

2017-07-21 00:13:37

Aside from the additional lines in the Sephardi version of the piyut, "Adon Olam", I have seen two different variations in the beginning lines of the prayer.

In most versions, such as in general Ashkenazi and Sephardi siddurim, I have seen the following:

אדון עולם אשר מלך, בטרם כל יציר נברא

But in the Chabad siddur, it has:

אדון עולם אשר מלך, בטרם כל יצור נברא

What is the reason for this difference between general siddurim and Baal HaTanya's siddur?

At first I thought the "discrepancy" happened because in many Eastern European dialects, the vowel shuruk makes an "ee" sound like the chirik. After all, the Baal HaTanya sought to correct grammatical errors (in his opinion) that had crept into the text. But when I saw the Sephardim also had "yetzir", this closed this rationalization.