Regeneration slaves

2018-10-23 09:58:54

When some humans, humanoids and mythical creatures have an incredibly powerful magical regeneration it seems quite obvious that in times of need and growth some countries would try to capture them and use them as ''basic resources''.

This is not really a spoiler because it's on the first 2 pages o the book but

one example is Fire Punch, in order to survive a kid is using his magical regeneration to create food and burning fuel by chopping his limbs continuously.

One real world example is Culling, basically creatures bred and tortured for the only purpose of creating easily accessible resources, whether such creature dies or lives is based on their ability to produce such resources and being spared and surviving might actually be considered a destiny worse than death.

I believe it is historically accurate to assume many kings, queens and people of power would have indeed enslaved such ''people'' and used them for things likes experimentation,food or flesh-shields and fo

  • It's also historically accurate to suggest the principles of serfdom meant that most of the population were barely better than slaves anyway. Even direct slavery itself was normal until relatively recently and still goes on in many places.

    The modern concept that people should have freedom really is a very modern concept and any historical setting should include a fairly solid level of slavery and indentured servitude.

    For your character to not be a slave you'd effectively need them to be a member of the nobility.

    2018-10-23 10:01:44
  • This depends a lot on whether the rulers of this world act like real world medieval nobles did. If the gentry behave like history would suggest, they'd want to turn your regenerating creatures into literal meat for the machine and little short of the ability to resist their will would dissuade them. As such, your self-healing folk have but two realistic courses of action: exodus or rebellion

    Of the two, exodus in the form of self-imposed exile would happen spontaneously all the time since that's just a matter of individuals choosing to hide where they think/hope they won't be persecuted. However, it's untenable in the long term unless they can find somewhere uninhabited by regular humans to settle in. Attempting to hide in lands ruled by the gentry makes it only a matter of time before discovery and capture.

    Which brings me to the bloodier option: a rebellion of regenerating folk banding together to fight for their rights. This could easily become a popular uprising if they tap on

    2018-10-23 10:03:48
  • If they can choose wether to use their powers or not, they could simply refuse to regenerate when being enslaved and die instead.

    Edit: As you changed your question to what you could do if it was an automatic process.

    You could have the cut off limbs magically disappear so they couldn't be harvested.

    2018-10-23 10:53:19