How do I explain the traits of my warrior-culture aliens?

2018-10-22 00:43:27

I'll start off by giving some quick background on the creature in question. These creatures are insect-looking bipeds that have evolved on a mostly jungle/ocean planet with various (not very large) grasslands surrounded by these jungles, justified (from what I've read) by a thick nitrogen/oxygen/carbon-dioxide and humid atmosphere, significant amounts of water, continents mostly placed near the equator, and possibly a slower planetary rotation/adjusted tilt.

These creatures are mostly predatory, developing and embracing an elite warrior culture and are likely the best soldiers and warriors in the galaxy, almost always outmatching any other galactic creature or society in combat. I'd prefer that these questions be explained naturally and through biological processes (hypothetical or factual), but artificial enhancements through technological means are allowed if no other biological explanation is possible.

These creatures have a mostly similar body structure to humans (