How can I offer a price lower than the listing price, without angering the vendor?

2018-08-04 03:52:12

Dan Barnabic, Post Graduate Engineering (Naval Academy Rijeka). The Condo Bible for Canadians (2013). p. 25.

Notwithstanding market conditions, always start with a low offer — say, 75% of the asking price. Don't feel embarrassed or intimidated by your real-estate broker. If the broker doesn't want to present your offer, find another one who will. [...]

p. 26

  You may think an offer that's so far below the listing price won't stand a chance of succeeding. Not true.

As in so much of life, you will eventually succeed if you are persistent. Even during healthy market conditions, there are unit owners experiencing financial difficulty, looking for a way out. You owe it to yourself to obtain the best possible price for the unit you're shopping for.

How can I offer a low price without upsetting the vendor? It feels tactless to (ask your realtor to) do this with no explanation or soothing words.

Who says they'll be offended? In fact, it's highly likely t

  • Who says they'll be offended? In fact, it's highly likely that they've priced it above market price in expectation that the would-be buyer is going to offer a lower price.

    NOTE: they may laugh and say "You must be kidding. Of course not!!!" but they won't be offended. There's nothing personal here, just business.

    2018-08-04 04:20:11