calculate hash of binary file consisting of certain bytes

2018-06-19 10:06:39

I'm having trouble understanding the principle, on how to "manually" calculate a binary file which consist of certain bytes.

To put into an example:

I have this binary file consisting of these bytes.

2C F2 BA A3 0E 26 5A 3B 2A 1F 01 4A 01 66 60 02

How can I use my knowledge of binary files, bits, bytes, and hex to calculate this using these sites?

SHA256 hash:

Hex, dec, binary and base64 converter:

To yield this answer: ea3cbd30dc6c18914d2cdafdd8bec0ff4ce5995c7b484cce3237900336abb574

I'm aware of Endianness and I'm not sure if this applies here in some way.