“No es culpa mía (de) que …”

2018-06-15 09:19:03

On spanish.about.com they explain that you would use "que" if you can replace the English "that" with "which" and it would still make sense. So, it's a pronoun.

El plan que quiere es caro. (The plan that/which he wants is expensive.)

You would use "de que" in any other case. It's then a conjunction.

El plan de que los estudiantes participen en las actividades es caro. (The plan that/which students participate in the activities is expensive.)

In another post on this site, the most upvoted answers says:

You need to replace "que" and everything after it with "eso" (which means "it"), then you will easily see which one is wrong.

I've seen a couple of examples, however, where I was confused that they sometimes used "que" and sometimes "de que" although I can't see that the above rule would be applicable.

I only have one example present right now, which is taken from spanishdict.com:

No es culpa mía que estés enamorada de mi.

Applying the first rule abo

  • I would say that your rules are good rules of thumb, but none could be declared an "ultimate" rule, since those are the "English" version for the Spanish dequeísmo phenomenon.


    No es culpa mía que estés enamorada de mi.

    the "que" is introducing a subordinate sentence with a subject.

    No es culpa mía que (tú) estés enamorada de mi.

    When the "que" is introducing one of these subordinate substantive sentences you don't use "de que". The subject of a sentence is never preceded by a preposition. The second rule is incomplete. Is not enough that the "que" is a conjunction. It depends also on the sentence that is being introduced via the conjunction, or even the verb used in the first sentence.

    So the correct version of that sentence is

    No es culpa mía que estés enamorada de mi. (no preposition de)

    Best rules, of course are the ones given by the language, since translating to another may not always do the trick. It doesn't just have to do with "that" or "with". If y

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