Removing the curl from 35mm negative

2018-06-13 19:05:01

I've been scanning a number of negatives using an Epson v350 scanner, which has an automated feeder built in.

The feeder is pretty basic, but on the whole works reasonably well with most brands of film, however I'm struggling with Fujicolor 200.

With all other brands I've shot, the negatives are returned from the lab reasonably flat, and when fed into the scanner, it pulls them through correctly and the frame is aligned exactly as it is in the preview.

With the Fujicolor, there is a very significant curl to the negative, which prevents the roller and drive band in the feeder from pulling it through correctly.

As a result, the scanned image does not line up to the frame, and it's becoming really frustrating.

The scanner is capable of decent quality images, and when used with Ilford (HP5 and Pan-F) and Kodak film (colorplus and ultramax usually), it is able to detect the frames and scan with no intervention from me at all.

It takes some 15 minutes to scan a 6 frame str

  • The curl is due to the fact that photographic film is comprised of multiple coats both emulsion side and base side. Each coat is slightly different as to its content so each has a slightly different rate of expansion and contraction.

    The chief ingredient in most coats is gelatin. This is the flexible, transparent binder that glues the goodies onto the film base. When film is processed, the chemicals used are mostly water. Water wets the gelatin and it swells. This action allows the fluids of the process to enter and peculate about.

    As the film dries, after processing, the gelatin shrinks back but not quite exactly back to its original size. This causes the curl you are experiencing. Films likely have a “balance coat” of the reverse. The balance coat ought to mitigate the curl. Not much you can do except press the film between the pages of a book. The curl is worsened under conditions of high humidity.

    One remedy that might work if the curl is too wicked; at the drugstore procu

    2018-06-13 20:14:11