In ST: Voyager, how old is Neelix?

2018-06-10 16:58:46

The Talaxian named Neelix is one of the main characters in Star Trek Voyager:

His duties on board the ship range from chef, to ambassador and ship's moral officer. Also, through-out the seasons we get to know a lot about his interests (mainly throwing parties, cooking and hooking up with alien babes...), his family, his planet etc, but we never learn his age, something a tad strange as actually in one episode he was preoccupied with Tuvok's age!

Out of universe, his Memory Alpha biography doesn't seem to mention his age and I don't remember any of the producers discussing this (but I could be wrong).

So my question is: Do we know how old is Neelix?

Both canon and EU sources/quotes will be accepted.