Seaching Dramione Fanfic (Secret Relationship):Fred and George find out

2018-03-18 12:23:50

I am searching for a Dramione fanfic where Draco comforts Hermione in a corridor. At first, he taunts her, but after he notices it is serious, he embraces Hermione. All of it is overheard by Fred and George and they find out that Draco and Hermione are in a relationship.

Memorable points:

Fred and George overhear Draco and Hermione

Draco taunts Hermione at first (Hermione is sad)

Hermione says that she isn't in the mood now and Draco immediately apologizes and embraces her

Fred and George want to step in at first (when Draco taunts Hermione) but then decide not to when Draco comforts Hermione -> they figure out that they are in a secret relationship

Length: short, probably about 1000 words

When I read it: Probably during the last one and a half year

Where I read it: or AO3, but I can't be certain

As far as I know, the only characters are Fred, George, Hermione and Draco (thought Hermione could have said that she was mad because of Ron (and Harry))