How to request fair working conditions/work-environment?

2018-03-13 17:11:22

I have been employed at my workplace for 4 years. During those 4 years, I have moved twice. Originally, I started in an office without windows. Then, I was moved to an office with windows. My overall well-being was much improved in the office with windows. However, when our VP decided to move into the same building and bring her closest work friends with her, we were forced to move yet again. She wanted my office - with windows - to become the "conference room." According to people here long before me, it is not likely that it will actually be used for a conference room (based on their experience).

So I am back in the office without windows and in the same room as 5 other people. It is a small office. Every conversation and phone call is amplified, the heating/cooling is not consistent, the florescent lighting and yellow walls cause headaches. However, our other colleagues - of the same rank and position - were moved upstairs into a spacious, newly carpeted office with 6

  • You should make your case on two fronts:

    Reasons your health benefits from having natural light.

    Reasons you'd be more productive in the preferred environment.

    Once you feel prepared with your reasons, go ahead and make your case. I would shy away from the fairness argument - if half the people have to work in one place and another half in the other, then some people will the same rank and position will have to work in less favorable conditions than others.

    I always do as I am told without complaining

    I recommend against this. Sometimes, when decisions that are going to be unpopular have to be made, whether or not someone is likely to complain becomes a factor. Additionally, sometimes things that are viewed as preferred treatment are available to the first X people that ask for it.

    Finally and unfortunately, the best time to challenge this decision was when it was being made and carried out, and not after the fact. Your chances for success would be greater if you'd made t

    2018-03-13 18:44:19