Determining bottling time to get a lightly sparkling Pet-Nat?

2018-06-05 08:21:55

I am making my first wine ever out of slightly tart hand picked cherries.

It is currently undergoing open primary fermentation in a large, covered container.

In about a week I should be transferring it to a 20l demijohn with airlock if I was to continue the planned fermentation process.

However, I am considering a Pet-Nat sparkling wine as the end result, and I would like to avoid a couple of problems:

Excess sediment

Excessively high bottle pressure, as I am uncertain about the bottle tolerances I can get locally

I was thinking that perhaps I could compromise by aiming for a lightly sparkling wine by allowing the closed fermentation to take place in the glass container for a while and also maybe racking it, to allow some clarification and time for sediments to settle, before transferring the wine to capped sekt bottles.

Does this approach make sense? If so, how should I determine when to transfer into bottles to get a light frizzante at the latest possible time?