Maradona doing a ball catch instead of a ball control (reception)

2018-03-13 17:06:15

I remember watching a video on Youtube in which Maradona is catching the ball with his foot, that video now appears to be unavailable.

So basically, here is what I saw Maradona do. A player sends the ball high up in the air to Maradona. Maradona extends his leg a bit out of his body line. The ball is coming, Maradona bends his knee a little. As the ball gets to his foot, Maradona straighten his leg (unbends his knee) as to absorb the shock and catches the ball by flexing his ankle. Finally Maradona simply moves his leg with the ball stuck on his foot and places the ball on the ground where he chooses.

Can someone probably tell me which game was this episode from?