Microcontroller switching converter compensation

2018-05-23 01:35:42

So, I found out that the IL300 from Vishay can be used to isolate signals between isolation boundaries and still achieve excellent linearity (an "isolated amplifier").

I have a few questions:

Is it possible to make an isolated amplifier using a phototransistor optoisolator and a TL431/KA431/etc. and still have low distortion?

How do you put compensation networks in the circuit below in a real-world switching converter?

How do you put compensation networks in a non-isolated switching converter using a microcontroller, where the output is fed through just a resistor divider and then to the ADC?

Note that compensation is needed due to phase shifts in the output filter, which means that networks are needed to get the time constants that are needed when designing the unconditionally-stable feedback network.