App cannot receive UDP package

2018-02-23 11:21:15

I have a scenario with three devices: Android-Smartphone, Linux-Laptop (Linux mint) and a Sony a7R camera.

My goal is to talk to the camera using the laptop and Sony's http-SDK via WiFi (Cam opens an hotspot).

The SDK comes with the code for an Android sample app.

It first sends a ssdp-package whereupon the camera answers with an udp package, so far so good.

Using the same java-code on linux, the package is send, too, but the answer is never received. The desired udp-package, however, appears on the laptop (verified using wireshark).

Question: Where is the package? How can I make the java app receive the package on linux?

This is the code (based on the Sony's sample app). It is almost identical both for Android and vanilla Java.


* Copyright 2014 Sony Corporation





public class JavaSsdpTest {

public static void main(String[] args) {