Graphical Network Manager for Debian (like gnome or kde)

2018-02-23 09:44:09

I am building a Linux computer from scratch. I am using latest Debian version with OpenBox as window manager. I installed Tint2 as taskbar. I would like to have a network manager, not a command line one as it is already pre-installed, but a visual one like the network manager in Gnome or KDE, to be able to configure a mobile network (with a modem stick), broadband connection, wired or wireless, graphically.

I searched a lot for a a network manager but the single one I found is wicd which seems not to support mobile network (with a modem stick)(

What is the network manager used by Gnome or KDE and how to install on my Debian (32bit or 64bit) or what other network manager should I install there?