How to scroll data in LED dot matrix throw multiple modules?

2018-02-22 22:44:27

I've been struggling in this issue for a long time, I know there are people who have done it.

But, I don't have much experience in C to have the skills to design or develop such complicated functions.

I want to scroll data, e.g. text, chars or numbers just like the nice projects in YouTube about the dot matrix.

Like this one: How to Make a SCROLLING TEXT Display at Home

I know how to display a char, but I don't know how to scroll it. If I try I don't get the results I want.

This is my function for displaying chars:

void draw(void)



uint8_t data_shift_buf;

for (l=0;l<26;l++) // to print 26 letters


for (row=1;row<9;row++) // for 8 matrix rows


SPI_TX_m16(data = (row<<8) | (Alphabet[s]),4);// trying set data by column