Incoming and outgoing traffic when NOTHING is running

2018-02-22 01:46:38

In a system with nothing running (at least nothing I know of). Listening of incoming and outgoing traffic prints this output: => 0b 26b 19b

<= 0b 0b 0b => 128b 26b 19b

<= 0b 0b 0b

(sometimes it doesn't show just 26b or 128b, but instead jumps to big numbers like there's actual information being sent)

What is the meaning of this? is the gateway, my router is me, my machine

But who is Also who is And more importantly, why there are packets being sent?

Found this:

But I'm running no DLNA server. So who am I broadcasting to?

One last (and also important qu

  • Those packets you are seeing are regular multicast services (and while the process is similar to broadcast packets, they are not broadcasts per se); their output traffic in the network is also (usually) negligible. is

    By default, all (Linux) servers announce themselves in the network multicasting to regularly, also for reporting to nearby routers they are able to talk multicast. These packets should be the Linux kernel sending them. is mDNS

    As for, it is used by Avahi/zeroconf for service announcement and discovery.

    Avahi is a free zero-configuration networking (zeroconf)

    implementation, including a system for multicast DNS/DNS-SD service


    see Cisco - Introduction to multicast

    see also TLDP - Multicast over TCP/IP HOWTO

    Class D Address - Multicast address / -

    o is the all-hosts group. If you ping that group, all

    multicast capable hosts

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