System Status: Notice 5.1.0 After Upgrade

2018-05-14 02:24:25

Need a bit of help just upgraded to the latest version 5.1.0 however now when I click in on the "System Status: Notice" link in the bottom footer I get an error.

Can anyone help me fix this, please?

Error calling get API for UFGroup (aka Profiles)Array ( [error_code] => no such field [sql] => SELECT as id, a.is_active as is_active, a.group_type as group_type, a.title as title, a.frontend_title as frontend_title, a.description as description, a.help_pre as help_pre, a.help_post as help_post, a.limit_listings_group_id as limit_listings_group_id, a.post_URL as post_URL, a.add_to_group_id as add_to_group_id, a.add_captcha as add_captcha, a.is_map as is_map, a.is_edit_link as is_edit_link, a.is_uf_link as is_uf_link, a.is_update_dupe as is_update_dupe, a.cancel_URL as cancel_URL, a.is_cms_user as is_cms_user, a.notify as notify, a.is_reserved as is_reserved, as name, a.created_id as created_id, a.created_date as created_date, a.is_proximity_search as is_proximity

  • SOOOO, I am a total idiot forgot to run the update URL.... yep so that happened.

    Sorry all

    2018-05-14 02:28:45