Which source is the final authority on how Vishnu got his chakra?

2018-04-24 15:02:56

Vaishnavites, not just rank and file but famous personages have counter-stories denigrating Siva for every glorious act associated with him such as Gangavataranam ("Ganga started from Vishnu's feet").

They vehemently deny that Vishnu got his Chakra by praying to Siva - but apparently it is mentioned in Mahabharata.

Is it true that lord Vishnu gave his own eye to lord Shiva?

यत्र लेभे हरिश्चक्रमुपास्य बहुभिर्दिनैः ।

पुष्करैः शतपत्रैश्च नेत्रेण च जगत्पतिम् ॥ 3.84.11

That place where (Kailash) Hari obtained the Chakra by worshiping for several days the Jagatpati (Shiva), by lotus flowers and by his eye.

Is there any source of higher authority that contradicts this?