Function composition.- different relations?

2018-04-24 08:55:57

working with functions, more specifically function composition. For starters,

We have

an island with the places haven, dale, sun, and ness.

We have a smaller island with the places east, bent and big.

And a tiny island with the place smallest.

We have relations between different places represented like

Relation ⊆ place x place

Place = {Little, east, bent, big, ness, haven, sun, dale}

The relation is represented like (this is how the places are connected/related by roads etc)

Relation = {(haven, dale), (haven, sun), (haven, ness), (dale, sun), (east, bent), (east, big)}

The islands are connected by ferry- represented like

Ferry ⊆ place x place


Ferry = {(odd, smallest), (smallest, haven), (haven, ness)}

Question: what is the result/way to solve



Ferry-1 ◦Relation