Need Personal Financing Advice

2018-01-31 09:37:22

I am 28 year old married, staying in Pune,India.

I need some personal financing advice for my portfolio.

My expense on My Monthly income as Rs.100(Approx Calculations).

I would be receiving about 10% of income as variable (Due in :March)

Following are my current expenses(Past 1 year avg).

Home loan Maintance : Rs. 50

Mutual Funds SIP : Rs. 3

Credit Card bills/Utility Bills : Rs 25 . ( i had purchased some appliances Fridge/TV, on 0 EMI, hence the expense, last EMI will end

in March 2018)

Grocery/Outings & Other Misc expenses: 19

Investments in Shares/Mutual funds apart from SIPs:3

I am looking for some good personal financing tips/hacks related to wealth building.

P.S: I am done with credit cards, once EMIs are closed, I would move to cash based transactions